17 Jan

Jeepers Creepers

This one is really enjoyable and makes you wonder what is going on for the first part of the film. When you discover what’s going on the fun really starts. This is a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but definitely entertains and spooks in equal loads. Just check your limbs after watching this one, don’t want anyone wandering off with them now…

16 Jan

The Hitcher

Let’s get this one out of the way straight away. This is the remake and as with all remakes, it’s not a patch on the original. However, having said that, it is very enjoyable and Sean Bean makes a good dark and menacing character. If you haven’t seen the original, get it here The Hitcher [DVD] and watch it first.

When you watch the remake, you’ll then probably be shouting at the screen (as I was), saying no, no, no, it should be this way. That’s because they’ve used a little artistic licence and not stayed truly faithful to the original. But I guess if they had, there would be no point in remaking it.

As I say, the original is the best, but this remake is highly worthy, mainly due to the fact that Sean Bean is such a good actor.

And do watch this one at home, not on a night where you have to drive home in the dark when it’s raining and you feel the need to give a stranger a lift.

16 Jan

Eden Lake

Didn’t know if I had the stomach to sit through this one. That’s because it’s too realistic. Another great British horror, really showing what can be done with the right direction and storyline. The acting in this is absolutely superb, especially from the menacing kids that make it all so wrong! This is not horror in the traditional sense, as there’s no bogey man or monster, it just shows what humans are capable of towards each other and how things can snowball out of control.

I definitely recommend this one, but do be prepared to have your feelings of disgust played with.

15 Jan

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Now here’s a movie that defined a genre, the slasher movies. Well, made them mainstream at least. This one’s iconic and the rest of the series should’ve been as dead as Freddy. Do your self a favour if you haven’t seen this one and get it right away. Don’t hide under the duvet when you watch this, because that’s mostly likely where he’ll be, boo!

And who knew Johnny Depp was in it???

15 Jan


I really had high hopes for this one, but alas, didn’t really do it for me. The premise is good and some of the scenes get your imagination going, but overall a disappointing ending and dragging in the middle left me thinking of all the ways I could’ve made it better.

15 Jan

Hammer House of Horror

Used to watch this series as a kid. These used to send shivers down my spine as I watched them. Then again, I was young. This is the complete series as shown on British TV and harks back to an era when British Horrors were ruling. You know, before the Slasher movies from the states. Not that I’m complaining, as I enjoy a good slasher. It’s just that these are more earthy and really get to the heart of the psyche.

15 Jan

Amityville Horror

Ok, this one creeped me out when I was younger as everyone said it was based on a true story. To think someone would murder their own family based on voices in their head. Turns out there’s been lots of incidents like this and I guess this is an amalgamation of quite a few of them.

Still, if you wanna see how much of it is real, head over to The Real Amityville Horror.

Then head back here to order it and watch it with loved ones!

15 Jan


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